When the new The Grand Tour episode hits Amazon Prime Friday 13 December, it won’t have Jeremy Clarkson, James May, or Richard Hammond behind the wheel of the latest supercars. Instead, the three are piloting boats across Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, forgoing cars for a watery adventure. But don’t fear, folks, while it’s easy to replace the cars with boats, it’s impossible to replace the iconic trio of motoring fiends. A new trailer shows the three arriving in their respected watercraft, each as unique as the hosts who picked them. 

Hammond arrives first in a high-performance Scarab rocking twin V8s producing 850 bhp (634 kW). The bright, red, teal, and purple design looks better suited for an 80s windbreaker than a powerboat, though it would disappear amongst its Florida siblings. Clarkson arrives next in what the U.S. Navy calls a PBR (Patrol Boat, Riverine), which were used during the Vietnam War. It, too, has twin V8s, but they only produce 700 bhp (522 kW). May arrives in the least inappropriate boat in typical Captain Slow fashion – last. He’s picked a wooden boat that’s longing for the calm Venice waters. 

The first trailer for the show dropped last month, showing all the crazy mischief the three will experience on the journey. The three begin their adventure in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with the final port of call being Vung Tau in Vietnam – a trip of several hundred miles. You can expect the usual trouble where the three get lost, run into things, and other on-screen antics audiences have come to enjoy. 

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While it’s disappointing, the three have abandoned the studio portion of the show, the on-screen fun and adventures aren’t done yet. While they won’t be piloting today’s supercars or yesterday’s scrap, the camaraderie is there, and that’s always fun to watch. The 90-minute show hits the Amazon Prime streaming service on Friday.