Our love for the Carrera GT runs deep, so whenever an interesting video about Porsche’s V10 supercar pops up, we immediately jump on it and share it with our audience. This particular 2004 example only covered about 700 miles (1,126 kilometres) in its first three years before it was involved in a nasty accident during a test drive, rendering the naturally aspirated machine a write off.

Gallery: 2004 Porsche Carrera GT with 67,000 miles

The Carrera GT was still quite valuable despite being heavily damaged, so someone was brave enough to buy it, only to sell it the same year without actually fixing it. The mid-engined widow maker eventually ended up in the hands of a skilled technician who restored it to its former glory. He fully repaired the Porsche flagship and drove it for another 12 years while taking really good care of it and replacing the clutch three times. During this interval, the Carrera GT was driven for a whopping 64,000 miles and is likely one of the highest-mileage examples of the Leipzig-built masterpiece.

Dressed in the GT Silver launch colour, the 603-bhp supercar is now looking for a new owner willing to part with £399,995. That’s a lot of money for a previously damaged vehicle with lots of miles (for a supercar) on the odometer, but still about three times cheaper than the 69-mile Carrera GT listed for sale a year ago for a cool £1.25 million. Factor in the limited availability considering Porsche only made 1,270 units, the asking price begins to make sense.

The unmistakable sound it makes and the timeless design are two of the Porsche Carrera GT’s main attributes, not to mention the impressive performance even by today’s standards. Oh, and that beech wood gear knob as a nod to the 917 Le Mans race car is a really nice touch.