BMW has yet to reveal the plug-in hybrid X2, but the company is already preparing the next step towards electrification by taking out the combustion engine altogether. Caught somewhere in cold Sweden, the prototype looked virtually the same as the forthcoming X2 xDrive 25e, right down to the badge on the tailgate.

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However, the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers we’ve seen on the PHEV X2 prototypes have been replaced by “Electric Test Vehicle” labels mounted on the front doors and at the back between the logos denoting the model’s full name. BMW even decided to retain the single exhaust tip of the hybrid variant, but our spies are telling us it’s not linked to anything, therefore this is actually a pure EV.

We’re also noticing the test vehicle had the same two fuel caps as the X2 xDrive25e, but the one on the front fender wing is likely to be removed on the production model seeing as how the iX3 will have the charging port on the right quarter panel. At the front, the round fog lights you’re seeing on the bumper are just stickers as the production model will likely integrate them in the headlights as seen on a PHEV prototype earlier this year. Getting rid of the small round clusters will lend the X2 a cleaner look, which we’d argue will make the crossover more visually appealing.

Details about the powertrain are not available at this point, although we’re expecting the electric X2 will benefit from BMW’s fifth-generation drivetrain tailored to EVs, which will debut on the iX3 before being installed in the i4 and iNext.

Logic tells us BMW will sell the electric X2 with the “iX2” moniker considering its bigger brother has already been confirmed to go by the name of iX3 and we know for a fact the company has trademarked everything from iX1 through iX9. The new high-riding EV from Bavaria will be based on the facelifted X2 and will follow the launch of the PHEV derivative set for 2020.