Ahead of the general election this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to protect carmakers in the UK.

Speaking at a visit to Ferguson's Transport in Washington in the north east, a mere four miles from Nissan's UK factory in Sunderland, Johnson said that carmakers needed to be protected to ensure that they remain committed to investing in the UK.

"Of course. It's absolutely vital we protect supply chains, we protect Nissan Motors, we make sure people continue to want to invest in our country," Johnson said when asked if he could guarantee the future of Nissan's involvement in the UK. "As we come out it's all protected from the point of view of big motor manufacturing investors in our country."

Nissan Juke production at Sunderland UK plant

Nissan, along with other car manufacturers either based or with operations in Britain, has repeatedly warned about the potential difficulties of a no deal Brexit, such as customs delays which could severely hamper supply chains.

Nissan Europe Chairman Gianluca de Ficchy told Automotive News Europe that if a hard Brexit leads to a 10 percent tariff on trade between the UK and the rest of Europe, the Japanese marque would have to reevaluate its position in the UK.

"If it means the implementation of World Trade Organisation tariffs of 10 percent, the overall business equation is not sustainable for us because 70 percent of our vehicles are exported to Europe," he said.

Gallery: Nissan Juke production at Sunderland UK plant