For the latest episode of its Top 5 series, Porsche is taking a deeper look at its most recent and most technologically advanced product. The 10-minute video takes us at the company’s Development Centre in Weissach where we join “electric head” Alex Bangula in discovering some of the most important features of the all-electric Taycan.

First, he meets aerodynamics engineer Michael Hinterbuchinger, who talks about the aerodynamics of the zero-emission vehicle. He reminds us that the Taycan Turbo has a drag coefficient of only 0.22, while the more powerful Taycan Turbo S is at 0.25. This means the EV in its more affordable version is currently the most aerodynamically optimized Porsche on sale.

Next, Bangula meets Peter Varga, who is the director of exterior design in the Taycan project. He explains that he and his team are very proud of the overall proportions the car has and how challenging the design of the floor-mounted batteries was.

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Ivo Van Hulten, director of interior design, joins Bangula for a conversation about the Taycan’s cabin. He talks about the overall feel the EV’s interior gives when you enter the car and how he wanted it to remain a true Porsche and a sports car.

The next topic is production - the Taycan is built in Zuffenhausen at a new plant within the main factory. Bangula reminds us that the vehicle’s assembly is completely CO2-neutral.

Finally, it’s time to talk about performance. Bangula gets behind the wheel for a test run and unleashes all the 761 electric horses from under the bonnet.