A pint-sized, rally-inspired hot hatch sounds like a lot of fun.

A new teaser video provides the best look yet at the upcoming Toyota Yaris hot hatch that appears to wear the GR-4 moniker. What's clear is that this a rallying-inspired machine with big mud flaps and huge wing flares.


Toyota originally intended to debut the Yaris GR-4 during the Rally Australia from 14 through 17 November. However, wildfires forced the company to delay the unveiling. The tweet (above) references the vehicle undergoing "its final test," suggests the new date for the launch is very soon.

Gallery: Toyota Yaris GR-4 teaser video

Toyota isn't yet confirming anything about the Yaris GR-4's powertrain, but what the company is showing looks very exciting. In the teaser video, the engine has a deep burble and seems to do an all-wheel-drive launch. A report from Japan suggests the hot hatch packs a turbocharged three-cylinder powerplant. However, there are also allegedly competition versions with a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder for the WRC R5 class and All Japan Rally Championship.

Toyota allegedly intends to make the GR-4 a regular part of the Yaris lineup, rather than producing a limited run like with the earlier GRMN. Sales of the new hot hatch should start by mid-2020.