Does a key that costs more than some supercars make sense? When it opens the Bugatti Chiron from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show stage, maybe the 500,000-euro (approx. £425,000 at the current exchange rate) price is justifiable. Shmee gets to handle this ultra-expensive fob and sit in this special Chiron in a new video.

Gallery: Schmee gets Awain Phantom key

The jewel-encrusted key is the product of the company Awain, and the one Shmee checks out with the Bugatti is the firm's ultimate Phantom version. To justify the six-figure price, the firm covers the fob in 34.5 carats of diamonds, 175 grams of 18-carat gold, and assorted other precious gemstones as a final flourish. The centre section is leather.

Earlier in the video, Shmee takes a look at the far more affordable, relatively speaking, Quantum key fob that costs 49,000 euros (£42,000). It still comes with 175 grams of gold but drops the diamond weight to 3.6 carats.

Gallery: Awain Custom Key

After getting the Awain key out of the locked case, Shmee is very careful with the fob. He cradles it in both hands while opening up the Chiron. Other than looking expensive, the key doesn't do more than operating the door locks and popping open the storage area.

In addition to checking out the Chiron and its special key, Shmee also takes a quick tour of the amazing fleet of vehicles in the Car Vault showroom in Dubai. Supercars occupy every bit of floor space, and there are enough Ferraris in there to consider the place a stable for Prance Horses.