British luxury car manufacturer Bentley has celebrated its centenary by planting 100 trees as part of a “sustainability” drive.

The Cheshire-based company finished planting the native British saplings at its Crewe headquarters last week, to coincide with National Tree Week, which ended on Sunday (December 1). Bentley says the project is a demonstration that the company is “investing in a more sustainable future” at its historic Pyms Lane factory.

Included among the new trees are 10 oaks, which have been planted outside office buildings, and 15 cherry trees that line the approach to the company’s main entrance. A further 70 trees, including maple, beech, walnut, lime and elm saplings, have been planted along the boundaries of the Legends social facility. Meanwhile, 10 fruit trees have been relocated from an area marked for development to the CW1 visitor reception area, creating a new orchard.

Bentley plants 100 trees at its Crewe factory

The trees are among the species used by Bentley to create wood veneers for its vehicles, which include the Continental GT grand tourer and Bentayga SUV. The company says it uses “sustainably sourced” wood, and the veneers are a “core feature” of its cars’ interiors.

Peter Bosch, a member of the Bentley board for manufacturing, said the trees would be a reflection of Bentley’s interiors, as well as a source of enjoyment for staff and people near the Crewe site.

Bentley plants 100 trees at its Crewe factory

“Sustainably-sourced wood has been one of Bentley’s core interior components since our beginnings 100 years ago – and it continues to be an essential element of the unique craftsmanship in our cars,” he said. “Our wood veneers are ethically sourced by experts who go to great lengths to find the finest veneers in the world. We wanted to plant trees around the site that are not only native British species, but reflective of the interiors that we produce in our cars and we use oak, walnut and maple substrates in Mulsanne.

“Trees play a vital role in tackling climate change because they help to improve air quality, absorb CO2 and increase oxygen. They are also important for our local biodiversity and wildlife and they make our local area a nicer place to live and work too. We’ve chosen the locations carefully to ensure they enhance the green spaces on our site and can be enjoyed by both our colleagues and the local community. As Bentley continues to focus on becoming the most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer, this is a great practical initiative to invest in the long-term sustainability of our site and a fitting way to acknowledge the end of our centenary year.”

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