Check out these funky Tesla Cybertruck renders in a more conventional pickup truck, flat top truck. panel van and estate forms. Would you buy one of these even more radical-looking Teslas?

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck variant renders

The futuristic styling of the Tesla Cybertruck has caught the attention of many render artists. This particular set of renders shows us what the Cybertruck's design would look like if applied to an estate body form, as well as a panel-type delivery van.

In addition to those renders, we see two more takes on a pickup truck. One of the renders replaces the pointy top of the original Cybertruck with a more conventional flat top. Meanwhile, the other render provides us with a look at the Cybertruck in a very conventional pickup truck form.

As an estate, the Cybertruck looks impossibly large. It seems it could feature 4 rows of seating within. The delivery panel van version reminds us of a truck with a bed cap. However, the conventional pickup truck version does actually look rather normal compared to the real Cybertruk, but the interior space would surely be tight.