Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders are hitting hundreds of thousands way before production will even start.

Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders has reached 250,000 according to the latest tweet from Elon Musk. The huge milestone was achieved just five days after the unveiling on 21 November.

It seems that the rate of new pre-orders (with just $100 deposits) remains high (the previous update about 200,000 was on 25 Nov) as the potential customers needed some time to get used to the new design.


Taking into consideration previous estimations, the total potential revenue stream from 250,000 Cybertruck sales (mix of Single motor: 17%, Dual motor: 42% and Tri motor: 41%) increased to over $14 billion (approx. £10.8 billion).

It's going higher and higher:


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Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck debut