As a kid who played with Hot Wheels, I always wanted to make the biggest track possible. Sadly, a lack of space, track pieces, and fun parents prevented me from realising that dream.

I'm probably not the only petrolhead who grew up with such aspirations, before I got old enough to gain my driving licence and play with real cars. Thankfully for us big kids, NASCAR star Joey Logano turned his personal garage into one big play room, creating what has been officially recognised as the longest Hot Wheels track in the world.


"Hot Wheels has been pushing the boundaries in car culture with it?s challenger spirit, outrageous design and unparalleled performance for over 51 years," said Ricardo Briceno, Hot Wheels' senior director of brand marketing. "Joey Logano embodies that same spirit in his racing, which is why we're thrilled to partner with him on this record-breaking track and special edition die-cast. He's truly brought the Hot Wheels challenger spirit to life today."

The world's longest Hot Wheels track

The track spanned just under 600-metres and wound around the 2018 Cup champion's garage, amongst his personal collection of cars (real ones, not toys), including a Delorean, custom Ford hot rods, a Ford GT, and a Hot Wheels-liveried Mustang.

The world's longest Hot Wheels track

"Talk about a childhood dream come true! I have so many memories playing with my Hot Wheels cars as a kid, and it's fun to jump back in that space with my son who shares the same passion for his Hot Wheels as I did," said Logano. "Hot Wheels basically founded my passion for racing – the first car I ever had was a Hot Wheels car – and now being here, setting this world record with my son and an amazing team of Hot Wheels fans is a great way to announce our new special edition Ford Mustang."


Images: Twitter, @joeylogano

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