We’ve never been shy at Motor1.com about our extreme passion for off-road Porsche 911 builds. We’ve certainly seen all kinds of Baja-themed 911s over the years, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. Once upon a time, this was a 1991 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. Now, it’s just simply epic.

TJ Russell is the builder of this bonkers Porsche and you can easily tell, this isn’t simply a 911 with a suspension lift and knobby tyres. This is a straight-up Baja Prerunner with insane suspension travel and a stance that would make even the widest aftermarket widebody kit for sports cars seem pale by comparison. According to the video interview from AutotopiaLA on YouTube, Russell spent over a year working on this project full-time, including designing and fabricating the vast majority of upgrades seen in this car.

Gallery: Russell Baja Porsche 911

Obviously the suspension is what makes this machine different than any other Baja-themed 911. The Porsche’s stock mounting points in the rear are used, but all the components save for the coilovers, hubs, and brakes are custom designed by Russell. Incorporating coilovers up front basically required building an entire sub-assembly, and the end result is 300 mm (12 inches) of suspension travel in the front, and 355 mm (14 inches) at the rear. So yeah, this 911 fears no jump, never mind potholes.

The suspension work also widened the car a total of 355 mm (14 inches), but to keep the 911’s balance and weight distribution in check, Russell moved the rear wheels back 50 mm (2 inches), and the front wheels forward by 25 mm (1 inch). The 911’s overall shape isn’t stretched, but the longer wheelbase helps preserve the 911’s rear-engined handling characteristics. And with 365 bhp available in the Carrera’s fully built flat-six, it looks quite lively indeed.

Speaking of which, the car is designed to dominate off-road and on-road conditions. Obviously it’s not ready to corner carve on asphalt like a standard 911, but it was purpose-built to be a dual-role, street-legal machine. It’s also not a one-off project – parts are available and the design of the car actually makes replacing items rather easy. Yes, that means interested buyers could order up a Prerunner Baja 911 from Russell, and according to the video, he’s prepared to assemble these custom projects and provide replacement parts in the event a buyer has a bit too much fun in the desert.

We know what you’re thinking at this point, but we don’t know how much it will cost to have a Prerunner 911 of your own. All we do know is we really want one.