We interrupt your sensible car news with a dose of turbo.

Not all projects need to make sense, take, for example, this quad-turbo Honda Civic on tank tracks. Sure it’s not practical or efficient, but this Civic build is the pinnacle of building for the sake of fun and sometimes that's all you need. 

Canadian Youtuber, Boosted Lifestyle, kicked off his quad-turbo Honda Civic project with an innocent $2,800 (£2,175) purchase that eventually led to the boosted tank track monster we see today. This particular used Civic had a built engine capable of handling boost, but can it handle four turbos worth?

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As it turns out, yes, this tiny 1.6-litre B16 inline-4 easily handles the burden of having one turbo per exhaust port. Boosted Lifestyle used Borgwarner K03 turbochargers, which are usually found in stock applications on VW products. The K03 is the perfect turbo for this application due to its smaller size and affordable price tag as you can easily find new examples for under $250. 

To fit all four turbos a custom fabricated exhaust manifold was required to clear the radiator and make room for all the boost. The result is a row of four turbos that sit above the engine block rendering the bonnet useless. As you’d imagine, a great deal of custom work was required to plumb this setup but my favourite part is the new exhaust which shoots right to the sky like something you’d see on Ken Block’s Hoonicorn.  

Once the engine started running well, Boosted Lifestyle turned their Civic into an unstoppable winter tank thanks to a set of snow tracks. Now their humble Civic is the boosted snowmobile of your dreams cutting through the deepest snow while sporting the same number of turbos as a Bugatti Chiron. 

In the end, adding four turbochargers to a Honda Civic is not the best way to make more power, but the sound and look more than makes up for the lack of efficiency.