So, there are actually two interesting topics in this latest Tesla truck article. The first is that, yes, there’s already an online forum called for Tesla’s forthcoming pickup truck that’s slated to debut next week in California. As of this post, we only learned about the CYBRTRK and Cybertruck trademark filings less than 24 hours ago. We can’t say for certain exactly when this forum was created, but basically it’s brand new.

Of more interesting Tesla-related news is that one of the three threads at the forum highlights what could be a very cool Easter egg with the crazy CYBRTRK font that was officially registered as a trademark. Before taking a closer look, here’s a refresher of what we’re talking about.


One of the very new forum members with the username kumonster posted a short video that rearranges the crazy-shaped letters into the shape of a … truck? Not just any truck mind you, but a weird futuristic truck that actually resembles some renderings we’ve seen over the course of the last year or so.

Telsa Cybertruck Easter Egg

Is it a stretch to say this is a legit Easter egg? Honestly, if it were any other automaker we’d say this is a very thin stretch, but Tesla is well-known for such things. There’s no alteration to the letters to make this happen, and there’s certainly no denying the design does resemble a pickup truck. It also explains the very bizarre shape of the letters, but more importantly, the reconfigured design resembles something we’d expect to see from Tesla. If it is legit, we have no idea whether it’s a clever “leak” from Tesla or just a keen-eyed fan with a knack for anagrams and finding unexpected shapes in letters.

What else can we expect from the EV truck? Our colleagues at InsideEVs say it should have a range between 400 and 500 miles, with an electric motor at each wheel for full-time all-wheel drive. A post at the new CYBRTRK forum claims Musk alluded to it having more utility than an F-150 and offer better performance than a Porsche 911. That last bit is bold to say the very least, but we will find out next Thursday when the truck is finally revealed.