The upcoming Motorcycle Live show in Birmingham on 16 November 2019 is where Ariel plans the official unveiling of the newest bike in the Ace lineup, the Iron Horse. Do you love highly polished frames and other metal bits as far as the eye can see? Do you also love the idea of one single craftsman working on your individual bike from start to finish? If so, read on. 

Modern Ariel prides itself on no two bikes being exactly the same. Rather, the company exists purely to make each Ariel Ace that rolls out of the factory suit the rider who’s purchased it. Like other Aces, there are some base components that are the same for each Iron Horse, but everything else about it is customisable to each owner’s wishes.

Gallery: Ariel Ace Iron Horse

With the Iron Horse, the first thing that draws your eye is that beautifully polished, CNC machined aluminium frame and additional components. It has the famous Ariel girder fork front suspension, along with a specially built Öhlins TTX damper that provides individual compression and rebound adjustment, as well as spring preload. You also get Öhlins rear suspension with fully adjustable compression, rebound, and preload. 

Like other Aces, power is supplied by a 1237cc 76-degree Honda V4 engine, which makes 173 bhp and 95.1 lb-ft of torque. It also has a slipper clutch and throttle-by-wire, and Ariel claims it can go from 0 to 60 in just three seconds. It also has a top speed of 170 mph. 

The mirror-polished alloy wheels are shod in Dunlop rubber. Ariel motorcycle manager Tom Siebert notes that Ariel is ready and willing to polish any and every bit of this bike that any customer desires. 

What isn’t shiny, polished aluminium is most likely carbon fibre. This model is meant to hark back to the Black Ariel bikes produced from 1926 to 1930, as Ariel found its footing and became a thoroughly modern motorcycle manufacturer at that time. Carbon fibre, then, is a natural fit for both a darker aesthetic and modernisation. The fuel tank is carbon fibre, as is the bodywork. Additionally, each single seat is hand-trimmed to ensure a matching directional weave that complements the tank of that bike. 

Other bits you might want to know about include the adjustable footrests, adjustable levers, titanium heel guards and mounting bracketry, LED lighting, LCD instrumentation, coupled brakes, 6-piston front calipers, ABS, and traction control that come standard on all Ace Iron Horses. 

If you’re interested in ordering one, they will run £29,686, including VAT.