The upcoming Aston Martin DBX SUV is almost here, but before it debuts on November 20th of 2019 we have a new teaser trailer to analyse. So without further waiting let's figure out what’s happening in this video.

The scene opens, night time, Head on My Shoulders sung by Benedic Lamdin and Riaan Vosloo plays in the background. The Aston Martin DBX drives down a winding country backroad LED high beams cut through the pitch-black darkness. Cut as we enter a city at night, traffic lights reflect off the SUV. Cutaway shots of leather, low profile tyres, and the Aston Martin badge flash across the screen. Finally, the DBX slips into the darkness of the night sporting tail lights very similar to the latest Vantage. 

Gallery: Aston Martin DBX lights up the night in new teaser

Aston Martin recently confirmed that the upcoming DBX will start at £158,000 which is very similar to the Lamborghini Urus SUV. Power will come from a Mercedes AMG based twin-turbo V8 which produces 542 bhp and 516 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission. This is a familiar combination seen on Mercedes AMG products which have proven to be very effective.

To keep all of this power in check, Aston Martin confirmed the DBX will use an adjustable suspension and electronic anti-roll bars. The DBX is said to be based on the DB11 coupe and features an aluminium bonded structure to help keep weight down. SUVs like the Bentley Betayga and Mercedes GLS use similar systems with great results. 

Based on the teaser we can see similar modern Aston Martin design cues from the DB11 and Vantage. Even with the quick shots in a dark setting, this SUV is unmistakably an Aston Martin. With the debut right around the corner, we’re very excited to finally see the DBX sans camouflage and report how it drives.