The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is among the favourite buses of people in the motorhome industry. Its balanced proportions and dimensions, together with the robust engines and suspension, often make it the perfect choice for a custom campervan, and we’ve seen many excellent builds based on that model. The one you will see in the gallery below is no different.

It comes from the Wales-based Hunter Sport Homes and features everything you could ask for during your summer holiday but we’ll get to that in a moment. The exterior is equally brilliant and comes finished in Audi’s Daytona pearlescent grey colour that we’ve seen on cars such as the Audi A5, A6, and A7. In addition, there’s a subtle body kit that adds wider bumpers, a custom grille, and two-tone aftermarket wheels.

Gallery: Mercedes Sprinter camper by Hunter Sport Homes

Getting back to the living space, it’s all custom-built and features a large bed for two grown-ups. There’s also a smaller foldable bed that’s formed from two of the passenger seats in the cabin and, judging by the photos, it’s ideal for kids. The kitchenette is nicely equipped with an oven, a gas stove, and a fridge. There’s also a small TV, which is mounted smartly on a rotating stand between the double bed and the dining area.

Hunter Sport Homes describes itself as a company that will strive to “work with you to build your dream home away from home” and will “always try to go that extra mile to offer the best service to keep you happy as a customer.“ The firm is not just using the Sprinter as its only starting point for its motorhome projects but is now also an official partner of the automaker.