Jaguar Land Rover has been working on something which could lead to whole dashboards be replaced by curved screens.

We already see huge screens in modern-day dashboards, but Jaguar's development would basically ditch the dash in favour of a high-tech, colour-changing screen.

Jaguar Land Rover's Lightweight Electronics in Simplified Architecture (LESA) research technology – used in flexible wearables and curved OLED TVs in car interiors. Jaguar Land Rover says the technology 'has the potential to radically change cabins of the future and would offer customers greater ability to customise their cars to suit their needs'.

Jaguar Land Rover reveals radical colour-changing dashboard tech

The technology would radically change car interiors, streamlining them and offering limitless customisable choices for customers. It would also make adding solar panels possible without needing to add extra system weight to car and the solar panels could charge the batteries powering the screens.

During the development of the technology, Jaguar Land Rover used computer aided design (CAD), which basically 'unfolded' the 2D design drawing allowing the whole thing to be shaped around the interior.

Jaguar Land Rover has already successfully tested the LESA technology on an overhead control panel prototype, achieving a 60 percent weight reduction and shrinking part sizes from 50mm to 3.5mm.

"Healthcare, aerospace, consumer technology and military industries are already harnessing the benefits of structural electronics and our research is leading the way in the automotive sector by bringing it into the cabin for the first time," said Ashutosh Tomar, Jaguar Land Rover Electrical Research Technical Manager. "We believe LESA represents the future of vehicle electronics and will enable us to design and manufacture innovative, flexible and customisable cabins for our customers while also reducing weight and cost during production helping us reach Destination Zero."

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