Don't get spooked on the road this halloween.

Halloween is here! With many people heading out to fancy-dress parties or taking kids trick or treating, there will be plenty of people out and about.

With that in mind, IAM RoadSmart has compiled a handy list of tips – a motoring 'treat' if you will – to keep you safe on the roads during the spooky season.


"There are more children around on Halloween so make sure you take a little more time and caution when driving through residential areas. Children can be unpredictable, so keep your eyes out for them and expect the unexpected. 

If your children are old enough to go trick or treating without you, give them some rules on how to stay safe. Make sure they choose a safe place to cross the road, and not in between parked vehicles as they may have trouble seeing whether a vehicle is coming down the road. The oncoming driver certainly won’t see them either."

Kid dressed as ghost on the road with pumpkin for Halloween


"Halloween isn’t just for kids! If you’re going to a party, order a cab ahead of time or make sure you have a designated driver to collect you. If you’re in a fancy-dress costume that is dark, motorists may not see you trying to cross a road. Go to a well-lit area or crossing point if you need to cross the road."

Car safety

"Halloween isn’t always about the treats! It’s tricks and pranks, that could possibly involve your car. If you’ve found your car vandalised in any way, firstly, call the police to inform them. Then ask your neighbours, they may have CCTV and can help with an investigation. If you’re driving your children to different houses to trick or treat some family or friends, make sure they’re buckled up each time, no matter the distance."


"If your children are out trick or treating buy some reflective tape so they’re more visible to drivers or give them glow sticks as another option.

For younger children try and put them in lighter costumes to make it easier for motorists to see them."

Pet safety

"Keep your pets in a safe environment by creating a quiet, safe place for them. There will be plenty of people knocking at the door which may cause irritation.

As a driver or rider, be on alert as a pet may have escaped out of fear."

Foggy street with poor visibility for pedestrians

“Trick or treating in the UK has a lot more treats than tricks, but there are some individuals that throw eggs or worse, but generally the whole evening is a light-hearted affair aimed mainly at youngsters," said IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman. "Enter into the spirit of the evening and it may bring a smile to your face. Even the older teenagers can’t resist a bucket of sweets."

"Try not to get distracted on the road by the ghosts and ghouls. Slow down if you see a group of children, they will be distracted, and extra care is required. And remember to be in before midnight, who knows what happens in the witching hour!"