The 2020 Toyota Supra has only been out for a few months but there are already a number of mods available. The legendary team at Rocket Bunny has created a body kit that’s sure to transform the look of the 2020 Supra and ensure it gets as much attention as possible.

Although the Toyota Supra has some incredible lines in stock form, a wide body kit takes this look to a completely different level. Bigger fender wings, a lower front lip, side skirts, and most importantly a massive rear wing spoiler make up Rocket Bunny’s V1.5 A90 Supra body kit. 

Gallery: 2020 Toyota Supra with Rocket Bunny kit

For the price of only $8,700.00 (approx. £6780), you can own a V1.5 Rocket Bunny body kit. This kit is specifically designed to fit the A90 Supra but requires you to paint these components. In the case of Daily Driven Exotics, they painted their entire kit in a lime green colour to match their custom painted Supra. It’s also very important to note that we’re allegedly seeing the very first Supra in North America to feature a set of white wheels. 

Thanks to a skilled team this complete Rocket Bunny V1.5 kit was installed in one day. It’s important to note that the parts were all wrapped ahead of time leaving assembly as the main focus for this video. Thanks to careful planning the install is a breeze even with the level of work involved.

With the complete kit installed on the Supra, it’s quite a transformation. A wide-body kit from an experienced outlet like Rocket bunny is exactly what you need to transform your car into something truly special. Sure the stock A90 Supra looks great but with a wide-body kit like this, you can reach an entirely new level.