Sometimes, kids have the purest opinions about the world around them. Sure, they're easy to please, but they'll, more often than not, let you know if they don't find something cool or interesting. So what better way than to get a four-year old boy to help review an Audi S6? In the video above, Car Throttle presents another entertaining take on the Audi S6, featuring Alex and his son, Lucas. Oh, and he has a lot to say about the diesel estate. 

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Unlike us automotive journalists, Lucas usually doesn't sugar coat things. He sure isn't jaded, he isn't swayed by marketing speak, and a cushy hotel and a free car for a week do little to help sway his opinions. He's buckled in nice and secure as a front passenger as his dad, Alex, takes the car out for a quick drive. The Audi S6 makes an impressive 350 bhp and 516 lb-ft of torque from a turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel. Lucas says it's fast and brings a smile to his face, but the diesel aspect isn't something he's too keen on. Remember the V8 in the S6? We sure do. 

Lucas does like the interior, however, and he even says that he thinks the car is worth way more than its actual price. Not too shabby, Audi. The 21-inch wheels are also Lucas' favourite part. Alex even asks Lucas about what he thinks of the exhaust, in which he replies "I don't like them", "They're supposed to be real". Take notes, car makers. Exhaust tips are supposed to be real. Don't get us started on excessive fake vents, too. Lucas also asks why it only has two pedals. See? Even kids know that a proper car should be manual.