Whether you want a small city car for the urban jungle or a true off-roader for your weekend adventures, the new Suzuki Jimny can do it all. It can also be your tiny G-Class replica thanks to the help of tuners from Dubai. What else could you ask for? Well, maybe the beefier mini-G looks combined with two extra doors? Our Russian friends at Kolesa.ru might have a solution for you.

Their latest rendering depicts a long wheelbase Jimny with larger wheels, more aggressive bumpers, an aerodynamic body kit, and a side exhaust system. This Jimny-G-Class mashup looks surprisingly well and we have to admit we’d be very happy if Suzuki launches an amped up and more powerful variant of the cute boxy SUV.

Gallery: Amped-up Suzuki Jimny

Of course, that’s not going to happen but nothing can stop our imagination from dreaming about cars that don’t exist, right? If you let us continue, we can imagine a larger engine under the bonnet to replace the stock 1.5-litre naturally aspirated unit. If we have to continue with the Mercedes connection, the brand’s 2.0-litre turbo-four could be a good fit for the wider and more stable new Jimny. Of course, the factory five-speed transmission needs to go too and a dual-clutch automatic mated to an all-wheel drive sounds like an adequate option.

Gallery: Four-door Suzuki Jimny

Kolesa.ru also proposes a more restrained four-door variant of the Jimny, one that could be used as a foundation for the hypothetical Jimny truck the Russian site rendered not long ago. This new rendering removes the cargo bed and gives the Japanese off-roader a traditional four-door body. In fact, we won’t be super surprised if we see this thing happening in real life but chances look slim at the moment.