Make your MX-5 look like the car from the Jetsons.

The Bubbletop is a transparent roof for the first- and second-gen Mazda MX-5 that offers much of the visibility of top-down driving but with protection from the wind and weather. It gives the MX-5 an eye-catching appearance that provides the roadster with a vaguely retro-futuristic aesthetic. 

Gallery: Mazda MX-5 Bubbletop

The Bubbletop weighs just 9 kilos and uses the same mounting points as the factory hardtop. The builder warns that the roof is flexible, so there's a specific installation method for getting "optimal fit and sealing." Drivers also shouldn't go above 80 miles per hour with the panel in place.

The roof has an ultraviolet film to keep the cabin from getting too hot. However, the creator warns the cabin can still get rather hot in the summer, and the Bubbletop might not be a great choice for MX-5s without air conditioning.

The acrylic is vulnerable to scratches, but owners can buff out smaller blemishes. The builder advises buyers not to take their car with the Bubbletop in place through car washes with brushes. 

Unfortunately, the creator doesn't mention a price for the Bubbletop, and the website offers no way to order it. The outdated page says the roof goes on sale in spring 2018. There aren't many images of the top, either. has reached out to the builder for more information and better photos.

While there's nothing like the Bubbletop available for the current MX-5, Mazda showed off a carbon fibre hardtop for the model at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon. The panel looked fantastic and gave the car a sleeker look than the targa-style roof on the MX-5 RF.