What may look like a scene from an upcoming Final Destination movie is actually as real as it gets. The horrible accident involving an American market first-generation Nissan Xterra and a log truck occurred earlier this month on the Cleveland highway in the Cohutta area in northwest Georgia. With good reason after seeing these shocking aftermath images, many of us would be tempted to say the driver died on impact, but he actually survived.

How was that even possible? The driver leaned over to pick up something he had dropped onto the floor, with people familiar with the matter saying it was a cup of coffee. That’s when the Xterra rear-ended the truck, causing the logs to basically impale the old compact SUV. Equipped with chainsaws, firefighters had to cut through roughly 40 logs to rescue the man in a procedure that took about 10-15 minutes.

Gallery: Nissan Xterra impaled by logs

In an interview with CNN, Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O'Brien, explained how the driver survived. His body was not in an upright position on the seat at the moment of impact, and his head luckily ended up in a small gap between the many logs that effectively rammed through the Nissan’s cabin all the way to the cargo area.

While the official word is the driver escaped only with “minor” injuries, several comments on Facebook from people who seem to be in the know reveal an entirely different situation. The man behind the wheel of the Xterra was rushed over to the hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery for over seven hours, according to a family member. He apparently broke his collarbone and a few other bones following the impact with the logs:

"The impact of the log ripped out chunks of nerves and tendons. They put a plate in to hold everything together. His arm has to be pinned down for at least a week."

What matters the most is that he’ll live to see another day and explain what really happened.