In the London supercar scene, it takes quite a lot to stand out. Luckily a local London dealership HR Owen is now offering the first-ever F8 Spider. A brand new supercar that’s drawing more crowds than anything on the road right now.

It’s always exciting when the latest Ferrari debuts. Here’s a new car that’s replacing a car Ferrari told us was the best car only a few short years ago. In this case, the Ferrari F8 Spider is the replacement for the excellent 488 Spider

Gallery: Ferrari F8 Spider looks right at home at high-end London dealer

The 488 replaced the iconic 458 and introduced turbo back into the mid-engined Ferrari line-up. The F8 seeks to perfect the turbocharged mid-engined Ferrari using lessons from the limited edition 488 Pista. The F8 uses a similar 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 to the 488 but benefits from a lightened crankshaft, flywheel, and connecting rods which results in a 18 kilo weight loss. 

These lighted engine components will help the V8 in the F8 rev faster and respond quicker. These are traits that have always made Ferraris great but greater action was needed to combat turbo lag. The 710 bhp F8 sprints from 0-60 in under 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 211 miles per hour. 

The F8 spider is 44 pounds less than its 488 predecessors thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre. The familiar Ferrari 7-speed dual-clutch returns ready to make the most of this lighter curb weight and extra horsepower. This familiar formula is the perfect evolution of Ferrari’s convertible supercar. 

When it comes to car spotting in London the latest metal gets all the attention. The Ferrari F8 Spider is quite a beautiful supercar that happens to be the latest thing to hit the crowded city streets. What do you think of the latest convertible Ferrari?