The Ferrari SF90 Stradale isn’t a secret. The hybrid hypercar was revealed back in May, and we mean revealed in full. Aside from plethora of photos, Ferrari offered up a flashy video showing the latest Prancing Horse dancing around a track, enjoying plenty of opposite-lock fun. A bit later we were privy to a comprehensive technical video detailing the Stradale’s all-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain.

What we haven’t seen yet are production models. That’s why this video clip of two SF90 Stradales lapping Fiorano is rather interesting. For starters, the cars are wearing camo wrap. It’s possible these are preproduction prototypes that just never got unwrapped after the reveal, and they’re still racking up mileage in the workhorse fleet. It’s also possible we’re looking at cars with some aero tweaks added since the official debut.

Gallery: Ferrari SF90 Stradale testing

There’s another possibility, however, and it’s a bit more tantalising. There are two vehicles captured on camera here, and one definitely has something different going on at the rear. Look close at the screenshot above and you’ll see a distinctive curve to the rear spoiler. It also sounds a bit more aggressive than the second car passing the camera, which has some of the camo wrap pulled from the nose to reveal the red body beneath. That appears to be a standard SF90 Stradale. As for the other Ferrari, perhaps there’s already an up-spec performance model in the works?

The video comes from Belgian-Motorsport on YouTube, and the description offers no clues as to why these cars are camo-wrapped, nor what the wing-endowed variant might be. If it is an upgraded SF90 Stradale, it should be quite an animal indeed. The supercar already develops 986 combined bhp from its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 and three electric motors. It’s Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid, capable of running 16 miles at speeds up to 84 mph on electric power alone. With all the settings configured for full attack, it can hit 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and reach 211 mph flat out. As for cornering, it already equals or bests the epic LaFerrari on a road course.

So yeah, we’re very eager to know a bit more about what’s going on in Maranello.