The ultra-luxury SUV market is about to gain a new contender. The Mercedes-Maybach GLS-Class is expected to debut soon, as evidenced by recent prototype sightings virtually free of all camouflage wrap and coverings. The latest encounter comes from walkoARTvideos on YouTube, catching not one but two imposing prototypes in traffic.

Curiously, the white model still has camouflage wrap along the sides, whereas the black tester is exposed to the world. That is, it’s nearly exposed. This is an opulent Mercedes-Maybach, so expect to see considerably more chrome on production variants. That’s especially true up front, where we can see the Maybach-spec grille in full view, albeit de-emphasised in black so as to not stand out too much. There will likely be some snazzy trim on the Maybach’s unique lower fascia, which trades some of the edginess of the standard GLS-Class for a more elegant look. Similarly, we expect to see a bit more pomp and circumstance at the rear. The Maybach-specific exhaust tips are already in full view, but some chrome trim could appear above the outlets.

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This video happens to catch a passing glimpse into the greenhouse, but we can’t identify anything Maybach-specific. The massive digital display and climate control vents are about all we can make out, and that’s standard-issue GLS-Class. As with the outside, expect updated trim and upscale materials to create an environment of luxury for driver and passengers.

Power should come from a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, though its exact rating is still up for discussion. 460 to 480 bhp is expected, though a crazy rumour says a V12 could show up for later models with over 500 bhp. That’s strictly a rumour at this point.

Similarly, the Mercedes-Maybach’s official reveal is still a rumour, but it could debut next month in China where the ultra-luxury SUV market is booming. An appearance at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November is also a distinct possibility.