The Tesla Model 3 Performance is seriously fast, so much so that it blows away most cars that it meets at the strip. However, we don't even see a Tesla pitted against a heavily tuned diesel BMW.

The BMW, a modified 535d E60 diesel, supposedly packs some 400 bhp. And since diesels are known mostly for torque, we'd guess that figure is somewhere north of 600 pound-feet.

It seems bhp and torque numbers don't really matter when the drag race challenger is an electric car though.

Though down on both brake horsepower and torque compared to the tuned Bimmer, the Tesla Model 3 Performance, with its instant electric torque and all-wheel-drive traction, simply crushes the soot-spewing BMW.

It's not like these results are new to us or unexpected. Tesla drag racing domination became a thing back when the Model S launched. However, it wasn't expected that the Model 3 would be so dominant too. It is though.

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TESLA Model 3 Performance vs 400 HP BMW 535d E60 - Drag Race

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