People often say that the best way to learn is from other people’s mistakes. Apart from the late Ayrton Senna, nobody likes to drive in the rain. There is always the danger of hydroplaning. If you have never experienced it or seen it on the motorway, here’s a friendly reminder of what it can cause. Speed and rain do not get along well, as TeslaCam shows in this video.

Gallery: TeslaCam shows you a Porsche Macan hydroplaning and hitting wall

This crash happened in Miami Florida USA with an unfortunate Porsche Macan. Probably on 8 October, since the video is very recent, but with no relevant information on the description. According to, it rained there at around 6 AM, which is probably the time when the accident occurred.

Our filming Tesla was in the right side lane of Interstate 95, Northbound. There was a van on the left – probably a Ford Transit Connect – when the Porsche enters in front of it. Way too close, so it accelerates to make a distance between them. And this is the Macan driver's main mistake.

The video shows there is a lot of water on the tarmac. Despite all electronic assistance, the Macan has really wide tyres, which makes it more prone to hydroplaning. When it gets very close to the Tesla, it starts to move sideways towards the left. Enough for a 180 degrees turn that only stops on the motorway walls.

The Macan bounces back and forth until its rear hits the concrete barrier for good. That stops the car in a relatively safe position. All cars coming from behind the Porsche seem to slow down. Apart from the scary situation and some damages to the Macan, it all seems to have ended up better than expected. 

TeslaCam Shows You A Porsche Macan Hydroplaning And Hitting Wall

Things could have gone much, much worse than that. The hydroplaning Porsche could have gone right and hit the Tesla. They could have blocked the road, and people driving behind them could have crashed on both cars.

When you get rain on the road, respect the signs that tell you to go a little slower. That may be the difference between arriving wherever you go safely or becoming a passenger at the steering wheel with unpredictable consequences. Drive safe.