It has an optimistic range of at least 249 mi with its 108-kWh battery pack.

Motorhome fans that happen also to love electric cars must ask very often: When will we have an electric motorhome? Iridium has provided an answer for that last January. It showed the very first electric motorhome at the CMT Travel Fair in Stuttgart. Called the Iridium E-Mobil motorhome, it offered a range of only 200 km (124 mi). But now the E-Motorhome has a new configuration. With a 108 kWh battery pack, it can travel a claimed 400 km (249 mi), according to this video from Andrew Ditton. He even managed to drive one!

Ditton met the Iridium team at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2020. The new E-Mobil 70EB/Generation 2 was one of the main attractions at the company’s stand. It is based on a Mooveo motorhome, built over a Fiat Ducato chassis. Iridium basically replaces the turbodiesel engine for an electric unit and puts the battery pack under the motorhome.

The Generation 2 unit uses a 140 kW (188 bhp) and 538 lb-ft electric synchronous motor from EFA-S, an electric car company that has made a partnership with Iridium. Its batteries are of the Li-Fe kind. You probably would expect a motorhome to have a much larger battery pack, but that has a weight and cost limitation.

As it is, the Iridium E-Mobil motorhome costs €200,000, or £180,000 at the current rate exchange. Charging happens with a Type 2 connector or a CCS for fast charging.

Iridium To Launch E Mobil Electric Motorhome: Charge While You Sleep

There is a smaller battery pack at the Generation 1 motorhome. With 86.4 kWh, it can offer more than 300 km (186 mi) of range, but it also comes with a weaker electric motor – 105 kW (141 bhp) and 479.4 lb-ft. With a price tag of  €170,000 (approx. £153,000), potential buyers may think the difference is not that big for more range and more power.

When Ditton drives the motorhome, he explains the empty drawers cause the rattles. A loaded motorhome would not have it, but it would have a lot more weight to carry as well. Another issue was the high revving of the electric motor at motorway speeds. Iridium could fix that with better sound insulation. Or which is just a matter of getting used to it.

How would a loaded E-Mobil behave in terms of range? Would it have the same issues electric cars had when towing? We’ll need to see other motorhome reviews to know that. Or do one ourselves one day.

Video Description Via Andrew Ditton On YouTube:

Lucky me the FIRST YouTuber to be granted a drive of an ELECTRIC motorhome! 

Enter the Iridium 70EB/Generation 2, offering a battery capacity of 108kWh, and an electric motor giving 170Nm. 

The claimed range of this e-motorhome is over 400km. Its unladen weight, by the time you have added the battery packs, is 3640kg, and MTPLM is 4000kg (upgradeable to 4800kg).