The 2 Jet Z is a homebuilt creation that looks like a road-going fighter aeroplane cockpit. In this clip, Jay Leno takes the bizarre vehicle for a short drive.

Despite its appearance and name, a jet engine doesn't actually power this machine. Instead, a Toyota-sourced 3.0-litre turbocharged engine sits behind the driver, and the tuned mill makes 627 bhp. That's plenty of muscle for a vehicle that weighs just 748 kilograms.

For a home build, the 2 Jet Z looks fantastic. The design has obvious aviation inspiration, and the hard-edged shape subtly evokes the F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack aircraft. The canopy over the cockpit has a yellow tint, which adds a significant colour contrast to the top half of the machine. Inside, there is only room for one person, and it looks like a tight fit for Leno. The interior has analogue gauges and a head-up display. 

A custom exhaust looks like the nozzle of a real jet engine. However, this homemade solution is far simpler because it's just a vegetable steamer. You have to give the builder credit for the creativity of using components that are readily available.

As a one-off, most people are never going to have the opportunity to drive the 2 Jet Z, which is a shame because it looks like a blast to pilot. However, folks can own one – at least in tiny form. The vehicle won a contest for Hot Wheels to build a toy version of the car. Leno was even among the judges who selected the 2 Jet Z as being worthy of a scale model.