In the world of drag racing, there’s a very special place for the McLaren 720S. It’s one of the fastest accelerating vehicles in the world in stock form, one we’ve seen beating all kinds of supercars, sports cars, and SUVs. Almost no other car on the planet can’t rival it in pure factory form. Of course, that’s not the case with modified cars like Hennessey’s tuned McLaren 600LT. Yes, you need to take another McLaren and tune it to stand a chance again a stock 720S.

To demonstrate the capabilities of its 600LT, Hennessey took it to the Pennzoil Proving Ground in Uvalde, Texas where it was joined on location by a stock 720S for a direct drag race. More precisely, a series of drag races, including rolling-start battles and a standing-start duel. But let’s take a look at the numbers first.

In stock form, the 600LT is good for 592 bhp at the crank, which ensures it can blitz to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in less than three seconds. The car in the video is John Hennessey’s personal 600LT, which has been modified with a new exhaust system and a new ECU software for an output of 658 bhp at the wheel.

The 720S, in turn, makes 710 bhp at the crank from its V8 engine. Hennessey measured the car on its dyno earlier this year to discover the power at the wheels is 675.8 bhp, which translates into a drivetrain loss of 4.82 percent from the engine to the road. And that’s hugely impressive.

With the 720S having a slight advantage in terms of power, what do you think – which McLaren is going to win this close race?