In May this year, Manhart shared the first renderings depicting its tuning project based on the BMW Z4 M40i. Back then, it was still in development but the car is now complete and our friend Shmee150 is taking a detailed walkaround tour in his latest video. Join Tim in his 19-minute clip, which provides a good look (and listen) at the roadster.

As you can probably recall, Manhart’s version of the car wears the MHZ4 440 name, where 440 stands for the horsepower rating. The 3.0-litre B58 twin-turbo engine under the bonnet thanks to software and hardware upgrades churns out 440 bhp. Combined with “one of the craziest exhaust systems,” the roadster is “an absolute blast to drive on the Autobahns and countryside.”

Gallery: BMW Z4 by Manhart

And the exhaust sound it produces is just… well, ridiculous in the best possible meaning of that word. Just activate the Sport Plus mode, wait a bit for the valves to engage, and you’ll get a loud and brutal note.

This Manhart project is one of the first to be fitted with the company’s Emulator Control Module. It is the firm’s answer to questions from customers willing to upgrade the stock exhaust system of their new BMWs but being afraid of the new petrol particulate filters, which may cause a lot of problems.

The same device can also disable the start-stop system of the car, as well as its simulated exhaust sound coming from the audio system speakers. The price of the module for the Z4 is €399,00.

Gallery: BMW Z4 Roadster by Manhart