There’s been a seemingly insatiable desire among motoring fans to race the new Toyota Supra against BMW vehicles. We can’t image know exactly why that’s so fascinating, especially when the matchup pits BMW’s boosted inline-six against, um, BMW’s boosted inline-six. We’ve seen a couple of races featuring the Supra going apples-to-apples with the Z4, and Toyota wins every time. We’ve also watched a couple matchups against the M2 Competition, and thus far Toyota's lost every time, albeit by a slim margin.

Car Magazine SA brings us a third Supra-versus-M2 Competition instalment, and we couldn't help but share it because honestly, we’re just as entertained by this family competition as anyone. Can Supra post a checkmark in the win column this time around, or will BMW make it a three-for-three sweep? Naturally we won’t spill the beans, but to make it more interesting we have some screenshots from the video below. You’ll note that these shots show both cars ahead at various points, along with some elapsed times which you should just ignore.

Gallery: BMW M2 Competition vs Toyota Supra

Everyone knows the Supra and Z4 are the same car wearing a different suit, but that’s not the case with the M2 Competition. The Bimmer’s S55 3.0-litre six-pot is a very different animal compared to the Supra’s B58 mill, boasting two turbochargers instead of one and belting out 405 bhp because of it. That’s considerably more than the Supra’s claimed 335 bhp, but by now it’s generally accepted that Toyota seriously underrated the engine’s power. That’s why it always beats the Z4, and that’s why (we assume) people are so obsessed with racing it against the M2 Competition.

As for this race, it’s true that at different points, both cars are in the lead. It’s a close match and if must know, the BMW-powered car wins. Come on, you knew we were going to say that.

H/T to Imaad for the heads up.