Road safety organisation and breakdown firm GEM Motoring Assist has released a range of videos to help drivers unsure of how to check their car’s tyres.

October has been dubbed Tyre Safety Month by campaigners, who are urging drivers to make sure their car’s rubber is in good shape. As part of the safety drive, GEM Motoring Assist has created a series of short films that teach drivers how to give their tyres the once over.

The organisation is calling on motorists to use the videos to make sure their tyre pressures are correct, as well as checking the tread depth is legal and the rubber is generally in good condition. Tyres, the firm says, are particularly important facets of vehicle safety because they are the car’s only areas of contact with the road.


In the tyre pressure video, the company shows drivers the basics of checking a car’s tyre pressures and using a pump to refill them if necessary. It also shows drivers how to find the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressures, and outlines the importance of correctly inflated tyres.

The second of the videos, covering tread depth, tells motorists the legal requirements for tyre tread, and points out the penalties for having tyres that are over-worn. The video then goes on to show drivers how to use a 20p coin for a quick tyre check, as well as how to use a purpose-built tyre tread depth gauge. Finally, the video recommends drivers check their tyres for any damage they may have soaked up over the miles, such as cuts or bulges.


“We rely on our tyres to keep us safe on journeys,” said GEM’s road safety officer Neil Worth. “They provide the only contact between the car we’re driving and the road surface beneath. Correctly inflated tyres with good levels of tread allow all the other safety systems on a car to work at their most effective – vital in an emergency situation.

“Inadequate tread or incorrect pressure mean the safety systems on your vehicle simply will not work as efficiently. That’s why we fully support Tyre Safety Month and the call for all drivers to make monthly checks on their tyres – to ensure correct pressure and tread depth.

“If anyone’s in doubt about how to make these checks, and what to look out for, then please take a look at the short videos we published recently, one dealing with tyre pressure, the other with tyre tread. They show just how simple a task it is to make sure your tyres are in good condition, and advise on what to do if you come up against any problems.”

Auto mechanic checking tyre pressure