The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is among the most popular vehicles in the tuning world. We’ve seen a lot of jaw-dropping tuning projects for the G but we’ve never seen anything quite like this one. It comes from a company called Expedition Motor Company, which celebrates the boxy off-roader’s 40th anniversary with a completely rebuilt military-spec 1992 G-Class 250GD in Mojave Silver. And it’s simply fantastic.

The gallery below, which contains 197 photos detailing the restoration process and the finished product, depicts the first of a series of restored mil-spec G-Classes the company will create. We have to admit the vehicle looks way better than the original and little touches like the projector lenses in the headlights and the LED taillights even make it look quite modern.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz 250GD by Expedition Motor Company

“Our team has put close to 1000 man-hours into this build, and we’re prouder of this build than you are of your firstborn.”

That’s what the tuners say and we tend to believe them. The restoration process includes a complete disassembling of the donor car down to bare metal and rebuilding each part from scratch. Even the gearbox, axles, differentials, brakes, and engine are basically brand new now. In fact, the 2.5-litre diesel engine of the original car features upgraded water pump, timing belt, pistons, and seals.

The visual upgrades include more than just the new headlights and taillights. Expedition Motor Company gives the off-road icon a front winch, modified bumpers, new grilles, and a new exterior paint. Once the car was fully assembled, it was tested extensively and then wet-sanded and polished.

There’s no denying this could be one of the nicest G-Classes we’ve ever seen. The starting price of $90,000 (approx. £73,250 at the current exchange rate) shouldn’t come as a surprise given that every example requires 12 to 16 weeks of work. On this page, you can play with an online configurator and specify your dream G-Class. We already did it. Multiple times.