Giulio Partisani is a lead designer at Honda R&D Co, Ltd in Japan, a Honda Motor Company subsidiary that specialises in research and development for all of the company's divisions. When not coming up with the look of future products, Partisani pens automotive renderings, including this alternate idea for the A90 Toyota Supra from his Instagram.


The actual A90 Supra doesn't have many clear styling cues from the A80 generation, but Partisani gives his interpretation a more retro-tinged look. There's a long, subtly sculpted bonnet and a pair of square LED lights. The front fascia is aggressive with its large openings.

Just behind the front fender wings, Partisani sculpts the bodywork inward and then pushes the rear quarter panel wheel arch outward. The styling cue gives the Supra some ultra-wide hips that look very sexy.


At the back, Partisani opts for clear inspiration from the fourth-generation Supra. The arch-shaped rear spoiler and horizontal lights are the most obvious cues. Dual exhausts emerge from the back, rather than the single pipe coming out the back of the A80 model.

Partisani has been working on this design for a while. previously covered one of his earlier takes on the fifth-gen. The shape in these images looks more like a Supra that's a mash-up with the Mazda RX-Vision concept.

While it doesn't look nearly as retro as Partisani's design, aftermarket parts companies are jumping at the chance to create body kits for the new Supra. Firms like Artisan SpiritsEvasive Motorsports, Toyota's own TRD division, Rocket Bunny, and Prior Design are working on a variety of components for tweaking the Toyota model's appearance to an owner's preference, ranging from mild mods to aesthetic overhauls.