The new space is 33 percent bigger than Jaguar's old design facility.

Jaguar has opened a new design studio in Gaydon, with the space providing somewhere for the marque's entire design team to work under one roof for the first time in 84-years.

Dubbed the 'Heart Space', the studio is regarded as the most advanced automotive design facility in the world. It is helmed by newly-appointed Jaguar design director Julian Tomson, who leads a 280 person team at the facility, and not all of the team have motoring backgrounds, with Jaguar Land Rover cherry-picking the best from fashion, watch-making, sports and gaming as well.

Jaguar's new design studio in Gaydon UK

"Jaguar has a unique heritage as a design-led brand and this will always to be a central pillar of our DNA. The design values and philosophy that were created by Jaguar’s founder, Sir William Lyons, remain the same and this building will allow us to design the very best cars for our customers, far into the future," said Thomson. "In the design team, we understand the issues that are facing the automotive industry and can respond accordingly through innovation and creativity."

"The new facility brings the entire design team together in one hugely creative space. We truly believe that inspiration comes from interaction and collaboration," he added. "Our studio is fitted with the latest technologies but, just as important, is the diversity of human expertise and our passion for Jaguar which helps us design the extraordinary."

Jaguar's new design studio in Gaydon UK

The new centre will be where all future Jaguar vehicles will be developed, and it has bespoke working environments for the interior, exterior and colour and materials teams, plus Design visualisation and design technical disciplines to ensure the latest vehicles from the company remain at the cutting edge.

Custom-made clay modelling machines allowing 20 models to be worked on at once, while virtual reality (VR) systems and an 11-metre 4K digital display wall known as 'The Electric' allow designers allow designer to visualise the finished product.

Jaguar's new design studio in Gaydon UK

Studios three and four at the facility house a total of ten clay modelling plates, each measuring 20-metres long, with a load capacity of 4.5-tonnes and capable of accommodating two full-size models. The setup also allows designers to place exterior and interior models along side one another for the first time.

The studios are fully temperature controlled to ensure clay remains in the ideal state to be worked by 46 sculptors on Jaguar's team, while lighting is provided at exactly the right brightness and colour temperature for optimal vision.

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