The Toyota Supra is still a fresh sight on the road, and tuners are embracing the new coupe by creating a huge supply of upgrade parts for it. The Japanese firm Artisan Spirits is the latest to unveil a revised body kit for the Supra.

Gallery: Artisan Spirits Toyota Supra Black Label body kit

The company's Black Label components for the Supra include a front splitter, side sills, strakes for the sides of the rear bumper, more prominent fender trim, and a bigger rear spoiler. With the whole kit, the Toyota looks subtly more aggressive without becoming too cartoonish. 

Toyota's own TRD body kit for the Supra (gallery below) includes similar parts, but the strakes are much larger. If you like that look but want something that's not quite so showy, then the Artisan Spirits kit might be the perfect choice.

Gallery: 2020 Toyota Supra TRD Parts

Most of the components are available in either fibreglass or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, except for the fender wing trim that only comes in fibreglass. Buyers can get the pieces individually or get a five-piece collection in fibreglass for 380,000 yen (£2,860 at current exchange rates). Getting all the applicable parts in carbon would be 642,000 yen (£4,830). You can also add a carbon fibre license plate frame for 24,000 yen (£180).

Artisan Spirits will give its Black Label body kit for the Supra an American unveiling at the SEMA Show in November. Pricing in the United Kingdom might not be the same as in Japan.

Evasive Motorsports will also be at the SEMA event showing a body kit for the Supra. The pieces include a massive front splitter and goose-neck-mounted wing. The components are flashy in comparison to what Artisan Spirits is making.