Audi is wasting no time as it was only about two months ago when it introduced the Q3 Sportback and now we’re seeing it in RS attire sitting alongside the normal RS Q3. Following last week’s debut, the Ingolstadt squad has dropped a lengthy promotional video of the five-cylinder dynamic duo allowing us to discover the baby RS SUVs from Audi Sport inside and out.

You can immediately tell these are the range-topping models by looking at the bulging wheel arches, not to mention the fat air intakes up front and those 21-inch alloys. Being the cream of the crop in the Q3 lineup, the RS models come as standard with LED headlights and taillights, but you can spend more and get those fancy matrix LED headlights with sequential turn signals.

Gallery: Audi RS Q3 Sportback (2019)

The coupe-ified RS Q3 Sportback is 45 millimetres lower than the regular RS Q3 and has a different shoulder line to make the body seem more muscular. If you’re an Audi aficionado, you’ve probably noticed by now the RS Q3 has finally received dual oval exhaust tips as opposed to the original version which only had one.

Also a first for the Q3 lineup are those body-hugging seats wrapped in black leather and Alcantara with integrated headrests. Sadly, the RS models don’t get the secondary touchscreen for the climate controls like the bigger and more expensive Audis, which means you’ll be stuck with physical buttons and knobs. That being said, we’re sure some actually prefer this traditional setup to the digital layout.

Gallery: Audi RS Q3 (2019)

At the heart of both RS Q3s is the legendary turbocharged five-cylinder engine producing the same amount of power as in the TT RS and the RS3 Sportback: 394 bhp and 354 pound-feet. There had been rumours about Audi’s engineers extracting more power, but that’s not the case. However, a potential RS Q3 / RS Q3 Sportback Performance could up the power ante a bit in a couple of years.

Meanwhile, the RS Q3 and its swoopy sibling will be available on order in the UK late next month. In Germany, the regular variant of the speedy SUV kicks off at €63,500 while the “coupe” is €1,500 more expensive.