This is the most luxurious tank ever, right?

Bentley is a brand that conjures up images of agility, speed, and luxury wrapped in a six-figure package of the highest-quality wood, leather, and aluminium. It’s prim and proper, and the exact opposite of a tank, the utilitarian military machine used by armies throughout the world. However, their differences haven’t stopped a group of Russians from marrying the two in what some would consider unholy matrimony. Over the last few months, we’ve seen the project slowly come together, and now we have video of the machine hitting 81 miles per hour. 

Eighty-one mph is not impressive for a Bentley Continental GT, which can exceed 200 mph. However, 81 mph is far above the hoped-for 62-mph top speed. While the Bentley tank is capable of some super-fast speeds – at least for a luxury coupe coupled with tank treads – the project did have to jump over hurdles to get here. It took some time before the doors were installed, inhibited by the treads, which had their own issue of sliding off when making a sharp turn. 

The Bentley Continental GT Ultratank is quite the sight. How can it not turn heads wherever it goes. For one, it’s rare to see a tank in person. It’s even rarer to see a high-end luxury car turned into a tank with unconventional tank treads. The Ultratank can handle steep grades and off-road driving with ease thanks to the heightened ride height and tank treads. Before the Bentley was capable of hitting 81 mph top speed topped out at around 31 mph. The brakes also didn’t work early in the build process, which is an important safety feature. 

Gallery: Bentley Continental GT Ultratank

The video above is long, detailing the build process before hitting the road for the speed run. That happens around the 23-minute mark if you’re the type who likes to skip ahead to the action. It’s quite impressive to see the Bentley Ultratank rocketing along at a quick pace. It looks good, sounds good, and is proof that an out-there idea can become a reality with enough ingenuity and willpower.