A good idea never dies, and a new report from Autocar suggests that Jaguar might use the jaguar C-X75 mid-engined supercar concept as the styling inspiration for the next-generation F-Type. The plan was allegedly among the final acts of former design boss Ian Callum before leaving the company.

"We could get quite close [to the C-X75]," Callum told Autocar. "There’s still a formula within Jaguar for a front-mid-engined car. I have a preference for mid-engined cars. It’s certainly something I would like to see."

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Jaguar is still deciding whether the next-gen F-Type should use a mid-engined, hybrid-assisted combustion engine or become a fully electric vehicle. Callum indicates that a C-X75-inspired design could work with either layout

Jaguar still has some time to decide because spy shots show the company developing a refreshed F-Type. The images and videos indicate that the performance model has a significant styling change at the front including narrow, slit-like headlights and possibly larger inlets in the corners of the fascia. The changes at the back seem more minor, like revisions to the bumper and diffuser design.

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Premiering at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the C-X75 was supposed to be Jaguar's next-gen supercar. The original concept used two turbine engines to generate electricity for four, 195-bhp motors. A later evolution in 2013 packed a turbocharged and supercharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder along with two electric motors for a total output of over 850 bhp and 737 pound-feet of torque.

Shortly after announcing his retirement from Jaguar, Callum expressed regret online about the C-X75 not going into production. 


This report suggests that he might still get his wish of seeing it on the road.