Fan-filmed video clips have given us a fresh glimpse of the petrol-powered stars of the upcoming 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die.

Footage from YouTube user Fabio Dell'Aquila, shows an Aston Martin DB5 being chased by a pair of Jaguar XFs on the streets of Matera in southern Italy. A motorcycle can also be seen briefly entering the fray.

The two Jaguars featured are of course the real deal, with Jaguar Land Rover already allegedly confirming their involvement with the film that will be released next year. The Aston Martin meanwhile is almost certainly a replica.

No Time To Die car chase filming screenshots
No Time To Die car chase filming screenshots

Nowadays a real DB5 will set you back close to £1 million, and we already know at least eight 'DB5s' have been prepared for the production.

In the videos the (almost-definitely not) 56-year-old car can be seen performing a series of high-speed drifts and slides on the cobbled streets while being chased and shot at. An audible inline-six sound track can be heard, so even though film cars usually follow a function-over-form principle under the skin, it's good to know they've kept true to the original with the engine and won't be relying solely on overdubbed sound in the finished film.

According to one YouTube user, the production team allegedly covered the street in Coca-Cola to provide more grip on the cobbles and then washed away the coating each day. That's been unconfirmed so far, so we'll take that with a spreading of grit salt for now.

No Time To Die car chase filming screenshots
No Time To Die car chase filming screenshots

One particular DB5 which appears in another video has been fitted with a 'pod', which allows a stunt driver to control the car from the roof while actors sit in the cockpit and focus on the job at hand.

Stars Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux can be seen in the pod car which is being driven at speed by an unidentified driver – likely former Stig Ben Collins or multiple British Rally and reigning British Rallycross champion Mark Higgins. Both have shared driving duties on the previous three Bond films, and Higgins has been spotted in a fan video driving on the set of No Time To Die.

In a little bonus for us petrolheads, another clip shows a Caterham fitted with camera equipment. The British sports car looks to be mirroring the moves of the Aston from an earlier take to get close-up shots of the pursuing villains.

No Time To Die car chase filming screenshots

The high-octane DB5 chase sequence isn't the only part of the upcoming film that's caught our eye. Another legendary Bond car, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series II from The Living Daylights has been spotted filming in Norway, while both the classic and upcoming new Land Rover Defender have been spied on set too.

What's more, the Aston Martin Valhalla hypercar will also have an as-yet-undefined role in the film.

No Time To Die? Now That's What I Call Bond Cars would've been a more fitting title by the looks of things.

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