At the year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Continental revealed the most innovative tyre in recent memory. Thanks to some clever engineering and electronic integration Continental’s new tyre can monitor tyre health and adjust pressure all on the fly.

When it comes to fuel efficiency tyres pressure is a big deal. According to recent studies, a tyre underinflated by 7.5 psi can result in a 2.8 percent decrease in fuel economy. Sources further suggest that over 25 percent of cars on the road have improperly inflated tyres.

Gallery: Continental Tyre Can Adjust Its Pressure On The Fly

To increase fuel efficiency Continental's new tyre can monitor several critical parameters including tread depth, tyre integrity, and tyre pressure. Continental calls this technology suite C.A.R.E. which stands for Connected, Autonomous, Reliable, Electrified. This complex system allows Continental's tyre to report critical data as well as monitor tyre pressure to keep it within the correct parameters.

To regulate tyre pressure Continental uses a centrifugal pump built into the wheel. This pump uses the spinning force of the wheel to increase the tyre air pressure and keep the tyre within the proper inflation spec. Continental believes this new connected tyre technology will allow for more efficient vehicles leading to an appreciable drop in CO2 emissions.

A connect tyre like this will allow companies to eventually manage autonomous fleets of vehicles where a driver is not able to monitor the health of tyres. This smart tyre will not only help to keep cars safer but lead to more efficient fleets of vehicles.

Besides the practical applications for efficient driving Continental believes there is a potential to also boost a car’s performance. Continental’s PressureBoost technology uses air to rapidly adapt the tyre pressures to various driving situations. This changes the tyre from an out of control variable to dynamically monitored part of the driving experience.

This exciting tyre technology is the next step in tyre development. With a more connected and controllable tyre, we’re sure to see some next impressive applications in both efficiency and performance.

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Continental Designs Tomorrow’s Tyre

  • “Conti C.A.R.E.” delivers technology solutions for the mobility of the future
  • Electrification and connectivity of wheels and tyres enable sustainable tyre management

Frankfurt, Germany, 12 September 2019 – At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), Continental will be presenting Conti C.A.R.E., a comprehensive technology system. Conti C.A.R.E. (Connected. Autonomous. Reliable. Electrified.) stands for the fine-tuned networking of wheel and tyre technology and the manageability of the desired performance characteristics. These characteristics are also closely aligned with the requirements of electric and autonomous driving in both individual and shared mobility scenarios.

In combination with the web-based ContiConnect Live application, Conti C.A.R.E. forms a flexible system solution that can provide a means of tyre management for modern robo-taxi fleets, for example, boosting performance as well as helping to optimize costs.

Conti C.A.R.E. tyres feature sensors that are built into the structure of the tyre. These sensors generate and continuously evaluate data concerning tread depth, possible damage, tyre temperature and tyre pressure. This monitoring system, which goes by the name of ContiSense, transmits information on the condition of the tyres to ContiConnect Live, facilitating efficient mobility management for fleet operators.

No less innovative is the idea of actively adjusting tyre pressures by means of centrifugal pumps built into the wheel. As the vehicle accelerates, the centrifugal forces within the wheel act on the pump to generate compressed air. This PressureProof technology keeps the tyre pressure constantly within the ideal range and helps achieve a sustainable drop in CO2 emissions. Any excess compressed air is stored in an integrated tank. PressureBoost technology then uses this air to rapidly adapt the tyre pressures to various driving situations.

And in the SilentWheel concept, Continental will be presenting a modified wheel rim that reduces the vibrations generated while driving and delivers superior ride quality.