Will it have the same result as the last one?

The last time we saw a video of the Toyota Supra going up against the Ford Mustang GT and BMW Z4 on the drag strip, a lot of people didn't believe the results – primarily because the Mustang didn't perform well on that race, which is quite surprising considering the power advantage it has on the new sports car.

This time, however, Throttle House pits the controversial Supra against the 'Stang GT on their end. Whether the publication is trying to rebuke the previous results, is beyond us. What we know is that both of these cars are a fan favourite, and we like seeing them going head to head on a drag strip.

Before you watch the video above, let's have a quick rundown of the specs that matter in a drag race. Oh, before we forget, even with the Mustang GT's Performance Pack 1 and suspension upgrades included in the price tag, the Supra is about £8,000 more expensive than the Blue Oval pony.

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The Toyota Supra tested on this video churns out 335 bhp and 365 lb-ft of torque, unlike the high-powered U.S. version at 382 bhp. Power is sent to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic tranny, while curb weight of the Supra is at 1,520 kg.

The Mustang GT, on the other hand, produces a lot more with its 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 compared to the Toyota's turbocharged V6. Power output is at 460 bhp and 420 lb-ft of torque, sent to the rear wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission. It has a weight disadvantage with 1,720 kg of curb weight.

Now, last time the Supra won over the Mustang GT, but will the pony car win over the German-turned-Japanese car this time? Also, stick around as these two cars will be pitted on a track test, too, with an equally interesting result.