The Bentley Bentayga V8 Stetson Special Edition adds a little Texas twang to this British luxury crossover. As a collaboration between the Bentley Dallas dealer and Stetson, this model has some special touches that make the already premium vehicle a little nicer.

Gallery: Bentley Bentayga V8 Stetson Special Edition

The exterior of the Stetson Special Edition is available in three colours that evoke the shades available on the famous hats, and the company's logo appears on the rear roof pillar. White Sand aligns with the Silverbelly hue of the Stetson Open Road. Dark Cashmere fits with the Stetson Boss of the Plains, and Onyx black is similar to the Stetson black 100X El Presidente. 

Most of the interior is a two-tone combination of Camel beige and Saddle brown leather, and the upper backrests wear the Stetson logo. Dark brown leather accents add one more colour to the mix, and wood trim introduces a little more visual texture. A Mulliner Stetson emblem is on the door sills as occupants enter the vehicle

Bentley Dallas already has the Stetson Special Edition listed in its inventory and is charging $246,578 for the model. There's only one of them at the moment, but DuPont Registry reports that two more on the way arriving in October and November.

The V8 Bentayga packs a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 making 542 bhp and 568 lb-ft of torque. It runs through an eight-speed automatic.