Car data experts Cap HPI have revealed the 10 vehicle types most likely to have been 'clocked' in the UK – and the colours of vehicles most likely to be stolen too.

'Clocked' vehicles have had their mileage adjusted to a lower figure to make them appear more desirable and easier to sell.

As well as confirming whether a car has been reported as stolen, HPI checks more than 363 million mileage readings on the National Mileage Register as standard in its car check. Through the checks HPI has uncovered that one in 14 vehicles has a mileage discrepancy –a worrying statistic, but one that's down on both 2017 and 2014 figures (one in 16 and one in 20 respectively). What's more, there's also a one in three chance that another issue, like outstanding finance, previously being an insurance write- off, or being recorded stolen, could also be found.

VW Group computer active info display odometer speedometer

Topping the list of vehicles most likely to have a mileage discrepancy are minibuses, which beat luxury cars and drop-tops to the unenviable top spot.

Compact executive cars and estate cars were next up, with family cars and performance cars sharing the sixth spot. Coupes and off roaders also featured on the list.

The vehicle types most likely to have a mileage discrepancy according to Cap HPI

  1. Minibus
  2. Luxury cars
  3. Roadsters/cabriolets
  4. Compact executives
  5. Estate cars
  6. Family cars and performance cars/hot hatches
  7. Coupes
  8. 4x4s
  9. Executive cars
  10. Small family cars
Modified street cars in bright orange

Cap HPi also revealed that orange cars are currently the most stolen cars in the UK. Cream and pink cars also featured highly up the list, with white and yellow also making the top five.

The most stolen vehicle colours flagged following a HPI Check

  1. Orange
  2. Cream
  3. Pink
  4. White
  5. Yellow
  6. Green
  7. Black
  8. Red/blue
  9. Grey
  10. Gold/silver

"Our analysis of conducted HPI Checks reveals some fascinating vehicle insights. Customers must check before they buy to ensure that they are not buying a car that could be a danger to themselves and other motorists. Vehicle checks from HPI also reveal some shocking statistics that can affect the value of a car, including 726 cars found to have mileage discrepancies daily."