Daimler has just announced that it is halting all future development of petrol engines. The automaker will solely focus on electric cars from here on out. This implies that Mercedes-Benz is taking the same approach.

The future is electric. We all know that and so too does Daimler now with this move to electric-drive only for future vehicles.

Per Auto Motor und Sport (translated via Google):

Daimler is currently bringing the latest generation of internal combustion engines to market in various models, such as the new inline six-cylinder engine for the E- and S-Class as well as the SUVs - this generation could also be the last.

Auto Motor und Sport says that this bit of news comes from Daimler development chief Markus Schaefer, who suggests that Daimler's roadmap currently has no plan, for future petrol engine development, though he notes that the outlook could change. However, the focus now is on electric-drive, with petrol and diesel engines on the backburner.

Daimler, along with Mercedes-Benz, has focused a lot of effort on electric vehicles of late. Daimler, with its vast commercial vehicle lineup, has an extensive offering of electric vehicles from vans to small trucks and even big rigs and buses.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz is slowly making the switch to electric. It starts with the EQC electric SUV and will continue on with other vehicles like the EQB and EQS.

And of course, there's Smart. Though soon to be handed over to Geely, Smart is now a fully electric brand.

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