In the world of off-roading, there are only two types of land: Rovers and Cruisers. In this battle of the lands, The Fast Lane Truck took modified examples of a Land Rover Discovery Series 2 and a 200-series Toyota Land Cruiser off the beaten path to see how each fared against nature's harsh geography.

Predictably, both SUVs managed quite well on the multi-stage off-road journey. But only one seems to make more sense as an SUV that is both capable off-road and daily driveable on asphalt, while the other is simply capable off-asphalt. Of course, you will need to watch the above video to see which SUV is labelled as such.

What we will share, though, is that both the Land Rover and Land Cruiser look right at home bouncing over rocks and ruts and through dirt. No surprise, really, as the Discovery and Land Cruiser include four-wheel-drive systems with a dedicated low range and off-road friendly body-on-frame construction. It also doesn't hurt that both SUVs feature torque-rich V8 engines under their respective bonnets. 

Of course, we would love to see someone take this comparison one step further and pit a modern Land Rover – such as the 2020 Discovery, Defender, or Range Rover – against the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. Sure, such a comparison would eliminate old-school tech such as the Series 2 Discovery's live front axle from the equation, but it would also put to bed which of these modern lands is the best brand-new tool to take off-road: the Rover or the Cruiser.