Ferrari just can’t stop adding new models to its ever-growing lineup with the latest example being the F8 Spider and 812 GTS open-top duo. In fact, in the near future, the Maranello brand will even reduce the lifecycles of its cars in order to keep its current clients happy and attract new customers. Interestingly, that doesn’t also mean that Ferrari will produce more examples of its cars to meet the market demand. It’s exactly the opposite – the marque will keep its exclusivity by assembling fewer cars and will even happily make its customers wait for delivery.

Our colleagues at The Drive recently visited the Universo Ferrari for the premiere of the F8 Tributo Spider and 812 GTS. During the event, Ferrari Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, detailed Ferrari’s future production strategy, which aims to keep shareholders happy but not let the brand lose even a tiny portion of its exclusivity.

Gallery: 2020 Ferrari 812 GTS

"Ferrari focuses on exclusivity, and sometimes this means making customers wait for their car – to dream about their car," Galliera commented. "They will enjoy it more. Q4 [2018] was one of the healthiest periods of the company, with a healthy waiting list—perhaps almost too healthy." Galliera even went on to say that "Ferrari will always deliver one car less than the market demand," quoting company founder Enzo Ferrari.

Currently, the supercar manufacturer has a two- or three-year waiting list for the 812 Superfast, which debuted some two years ago. The open-top 812 GTS will soon go into production but only a handful of "connoisseur" customers will get the chance to buy one. Want to know the exact production number? We do too, but Galliera refused to disclose the number.

Gallery: 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider

"The Ferrari strategy to please shareholders is to create a new segment and a new product for the segment, rather than increase volume," he added.